“Accompagner la croissance à l’international”

International Business Advisory Services (IBAS) – Assisting International Growth

The initiative for IBAS was to reply to a particular client niche: those companies doing business and developing internationally both inbound and outbound. Created 20 years ago by French and Anglo-Saxon partners, our avant-garde offer provided accounting, tax, reporting and payroll compliance advisory to international groups and individuals.

Since this initial offer for Anglo-Saxon markets which were dominant at the time, we have inevitably observed a global evolution in business and cross border transactions. The stakes for our clients are not just in their everyday international deals but in the need for value added and reliable services and an expert knowledge in each local market, culturally and linguistically.

Over the last years Mathieu Devillers, Head of IBAS, and his team have engaged in an active strategy of developing a truly diverse international department which reflects the opportunities and the instinct for growth our clients have, for both incoming and outgoing business. We aim to minimize any complications and misunderstandings that can arise in developing internationally.

International Desks

This has taken the form of the setting-up and strengthening of several international desks (Canada, Germany, Japan, China, Russia) and the recruitment of people from both these countries and others in order to enrichen our international capabilities and give reassurance to the client. Through this we wanted to be able to talk to the client on an equal par with our own knowledge of their language, culture and business specifics in their countries. This enables a mutual flow of expertise where we can also help our French clients wanting to set-up abroad.

In addition, we have established a Global Compliance and Reporting Solutions offer to help multi-jurisdictional businesses meet their compliance obligations in a timely manner. With many teams across the world, including IBAS in Paris, and with the help of our desks we are able to offer our clients first class assistance in their global development.

Our department counts no less than 10 different nationalities working together to satisfy our clients’ needs. These include German, Canadian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, Russian, Senegalese, Moroccan… Among these, many have international accounting qualifications.

Our analysis and understanding of a constantly changing business world have proved very beneficial to all our clients whatever their nationality by giving them bespoke expertise, advice and support in their international operations.

The IBAS department is an integrated part of a global international drive through Grant Thornton International Ltd, Grant Thornton Société d’Avocats and our many specialist offers.

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