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German Desk

Our German Desk in France is a member of the Global Network of Grant Thornton’s German Desks. Within this international structure, we assist German companies that wish to set up or develop existing business in France, and inversely, we also offer a wide range of services to those French companies targeting the German market. 

As historical partners, France and Germany together are steadily building a common project for the future. As just an example in economic terms, it should be remembered that France is today ranked second worldwide as a client to Germany, and third as a supplier. The latest publication from the Federal Office of Statistics (November 2019) highlights the dynamism of German foreign trade in 2018, with a new record for both imports (€65bn) and exports (€105bn). According to the latest projections, these values seem set to increase again for 2019.

In this context, France remains the preferred European market for German companies and more particularly the famous “Mittelstand” (SMEs). Several sectors are notably targeted: the automobile industry, machinery and equipment, and computer, electrical and chemical products. This relationship should further intensify with structuring projects initiated by decision-makers in both countries, particularly for investment in digital technology and forming a common fiscal approach.

The German Desk piloted in France by Christophe Guyot, Partner at the Strasbourg office, is made up of professionals who are all bilingual and bring a dual business culture. They are seasoned experts in the various markets and they fully understand German and French cultures in all their specificities. These experts work in direct contact with the integrated offices of Warth & Klein Grant Thornton in Germany, together with Grant Thornton Austria, and are supported by the full force of Grant Thornton International Limited, present in 140 countries.

Alexander Schraa, an experienced professional in the German and French markets has actively reinforced the operational deployment of the Desk. At the heart of the structure, Alexander advises German companies and German speakers on their operational strategy in France. He assists his clients from the implementation phase and on all local accounting and tax issues. He also intervenes on subjects related to the rollout of ERP projects.


Grant Thornton est membre de La Chambre de Commerce franco-allemande.

Exemple de collaboration :

  • La Chambre de Commerce franco-allemande revient dans sa revue sur l’événement organisé par Grant Thornton France en novembre 2019 / The French-German Chamber of Commerce magazine includes an article about the event organized by Grant Thornton France in November 2019.  

Extraits / extract: « A l’occasion du Club Performance sur les Fusions-Acquisitions franco-allemandes, notre membre Alexander Schraa, en charge du German Desk au sein de Grant Thornton, nous a accueilli à Neuilly-sur-Seine en novembre dernier. Nos experts sur le sujet, Gilles Coudon, Directeur d’Adviso Partners, Hanno Hepke, associé de Warth & Klein Grant Thornton, Mathieu Lerebours, Responsable marketing et communication international de Drooms et Cécile Astier, spécialiste du management interculturel en matière de M&A chez Footbridge, ont partagé leurs retours d’expériences avec le public. »

Lire l’article en français (PDF) [ 648 kb ].